FAQ: Working with Hatano studio Interior Design

Bellevue Interior Designer

This is a list of the most commonly asked questions and tips on how we can work best together to maximize your return on investment.   More questions?  Contact us!

Offer services locally and globally in-person or online

Hatano Studio offers services both in-person and online.  In-person areas are Bellevue, Kirkland, Seattle, Sammamish, Redmond, Mercer Island, and other local cities.  We will work remotely with clients outside of this area.  Floor plan/space planning can be provided virtually.

We like taking down walls, addition, or custom new home!

I approach projects starting from intensive space planning.  Many of our kitchen and bath remodels ended up with taking down walls as older homes had a smaller kitchen.  When clients consider expanding a house foot print or custom new home, I can provide integrated solution from interior floor plan, exterior, and build.

Yes, I offer Two hour in-home Ask Me Anything (ASA) consultation

Some clients do not know where to start. They may have questions about rough budgeting.  In these cases,  I can visit your home and answer any questions on the spot!  This will not include any deliverables such as drawings or furniture selection list.

Floor plan only services available

Floor Plan is the core of interior design.  This is one of the areas where you can maximize your return on investment by hiring experts.  I will visit your home and measure your space. Then we can discuss different floor plan options.  If you provide accurate dimensions, I will deliver floor plan options based on your measurements.  Space planning is my favorite thing to do!

I take great pride in my work

I strive to provide the best service to improve your lifestyle needs and desired aesthetic goal. I often question “what would I  do if this were my house?” as if the project were for my own home.

Charge hourly

I charge an hourly rate for design services.  Efficient decision making and well defined scope of work will result in less cost and time for design services.  I offer fixed cost “spec home” design package service for builders.

Want to elevate your design?

One of the advantages of hiring an interior designer is to achieve a cohesive design throughout your home.  Often clients will say “I can select each item but cannot put them together. ”  This is where my trained expertise will be most beneficial to you.   To do so, I need to understand your entire space, scope of work, and selected materials.   Curated and sophisticated design comes from  the integration of carefully selected colors and materials, elements and architectural elements.  As an interior designer, I have to comprehend and adjust each element iteratively throughout the design process.

Design is a highly collaborative process and requires trust between all parties

While I am experienced to understand your needs, industry standards, trends, and style preferences, many design decisions are personal preferences.  Some clients like to get involved in details, but others may want to leave them to me – the designer.  You can always tell me what level of decision making you prefer.  Omakase (“I’ll leave it up to you Chef” in Japanese) is my favorite.

Communication is key

More communication is better than not enough.  We need to get to know each other very well.  Yes, I like to talk on the phone.  Call me old fashioned. 🙂

I want to help you make an educated decision

It is my job to explain why, pros and cons as much as I can. Of course some design choices are personal preferences.  If I think I can improve on design I will let you know.  I get paid to be opinionated! 🙂

Do you have contractors to work with?  Can I hire my own contractor?

Yes to both questions.   I can introduce you to contractors whom I work with.  I have a trusted team of vendors, manufacturers, contractors, and subcontractors.  If you are to bring your own contractor, we need to make sure the contractor is on board with working with an interior designer.  Generally working with my contractor will require you to perform less oversight of contractor and project.

Can you pass trade discounts?

Yes.  I do not take any cut of trade discount.  I only charge for the work I do.

Defining scope of work is important?

Yes. Bid from contractors will be more accurate.  Construction will be smoother as contractors do not have to come back to finish added scope of work.  Design process will be faster and more efficient as we can discuss all items together as opposed to separate shopping/showroom visits and selection process.

Hiring an interior designer will make the project expensive?

I try my best to select materials within your budget.  We will inform you if we cannot work within your budget while maintaining quality.   More often than you think, the reason of exceeding budget is an increase in scope of work.