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FAQ: Working with Hatano Studio Interior Design

This is a list of the most commonly asked questions and tips on how we can work best together to maximize your return on investment.  More questions? Contact us!

Offer services locally and globally in-person or online

Hatano Studio offers services both in-person and remote.  We serve clients in Kirkland, Seattle, Sammamish, Redmond, Mercer Island, and nearby cities in-person.  For clients outside this area, we provide remote design services.  Remote/Virtual floor plan/space planning are also available.

We like taking down walls, addition, or custom new home!

At Hatano Studio, we specialize in intensive space planning and transformative projects.  As a result of client requests, we have often found ourselves taking down walls in previous projects to create more spacious kitchens and baths.   Whether you’re considering expanding your home’s footprint or building a custom new home, we provide integrated solutions for interior and exterior design and construction.

Yes, I offer Two hour in-home or remote Ask Me Anything (AMA) consultation

We provide a convenient Two-hour in-home  or remote “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) consultation to answer your questions and address rough budgeting concerns. Please note that this consultation does not include deliverables like drawings or furniture selection lists.

Start with free 30 mins discovery call/video call

We will schedule a mutually convenient time for a 30-minute conversation over the phone or through a video call.  During this discovery call, I will inquire about your budget, timeline, and the specific scope of work you require.  Additionally, I will gather information regarding the services you are seeking and provide an explanation of the process and the design fees involved. Since we have not yet met, this will give us an opportunity to get acquainted before we begin working together.  You can find reviews about our services on Houzz and Google Business, as well as view examples of our past design work on Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and our website’s Portfolio section.  If you’d like to learn more about Yumi, the founder and interior designer of Hatano Studio, you can find information about her in the Bio section.

Design starts upon the signing of a design service agreement and receipt of the initial deposit

After the initial discovery call, we will proceed to sign a design agreement that includes details about the services/deliverables, fees, payment schedule, and initial deposit. Once the agreement is signed and the initial deposit is made, we will be ready to kickstart the design process! We appreciate that clients may have design-specific questions following the discovery call.  However, it’s crucial to understand that without a thorough grasp of your scope of work, measurements, and other pertinent information, we cannot confidently address these queries.  Our priority is to ensure the best outcome for your project, and that necessitates a solid foundation of essential details.

Standalone floor plan service option is available

Floor Plan is the core of interior design.  This is one of the areas where you can maximize your return on investment by hiring experts.  I will visit your home and measure your space. Then we can discuss different floor plan options.  If you provide accurate dimensions, I will deliver floor plan options based on your measurements.  Space planning is my favorite thing to do!

Charge hourly

We charge an hourly rate for design services .  Clear communication, efficient decision-making, and a well-defined scope of work can help minimize costs and time for design services. We also offer fixed-cost “spec home” design package services for builders.

There are required deliverables to maintain quality of services

I am dedicated to delivering an exceptional service that aligns precisely with your lifestyle needs and desired aesthetic goals. Simultaneously, we are committed to achieving efficiency and providing a customized approach to your project.  To consistently uphold the high standards of our service, there are essential deliverables that must be met.  Conducting measurements, creating a floor plan, and developing minimal elevations must be performed, even if our service primarily involves material selection, such as tiles, countertops, cabinets, and similar elements.  This thorough methodology is instrumental in preventing errors.  There may be  exceptions for certain materials, like flooring for the entire house or paint colors, which could be subject to special considerations.

Want to elevate your design?

Hiring an interior designer allows you to achieve a cohesive design throughout your home.   Many clients express the struggle of bring all materials together cohesively.   This is where my trained expertise becomes invaluable. To achieve this, I require a comprehensive understanding of your space, project scope, and chosen materials. Curating a sophisticated design involves skillfully integrating colors, materials, and architectural elements. As an interior designer, I meticulously comprehend and iteratively adjust each element throughout the design process.

Design is a highly collaborative process and requires trust between all parties

With my experience, I can comprehend your needs, industry standards, trends, and style preferences. However, it’s important to remember that many design decisions are based on personal preferences. Some clients enjoy getting involved in the nitty-gritty details, while others prefer to entrust them to me as the designer. Just let me know your preferred level of decision-making, and we’ll make it work.  Absolutely I love “Omakase” approach, where you can leave it up to me, the design chef, to work my magic.

Communication is key

Communication is key to a successful project.  Building a strong understanding and relationship with our clients is essential.  Yes, I like to talk on the phone.  Call me old fashioned. 🙂

I want to help you make an educated decision

It is our responsibility to explain the rationale behind design choices, highlighting the pros and cons. While personal preferences play a role, we aim to provide expert opinions and suggestions to enhance the overall design.  if we think there’s room for improvement, we won’t hesitate to let you know. After all, we do get paid to be opinionated! 🙂

Do you have contractors to work with?  Can I hire my own contractor?

Yes, we can help you with both options.  We can introduce you to our trusted team of contractors, vendors, manufacturers, and subcontractors. If you prefer to bring your own contractor, they should be comfortable working with an interior designer. Working with our recommended contractor often means you’ll have to oversee the project to a lesser extent, as we maintain a close working relationship with them.

Can you pass trade discounts?

Yes, I pass on trade discounts directly to our clients.  I do not take any cut from the discounts received. You only pay for the work I do.

Why is defining the scope of work important?

Defining the scope of work is crucial for accurate bidding from contractors, smoother construction processes, and more efficient design process. It helps prevent the need for additional work and reduces the likelihood of exceeding budgets.

Will hiring an interior designer will make the project expensive?

Our goal is to work within your budget while maintaining quality. We make every effort to select materials that align with your financial parameters. It’s worth noting that project costs often increase due to expanded scopes of work rather than hiring an interior designer. We will inform you promptly if any adjustments to the budget are necessary.

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