Yumi Kagamihara, Interior Designer / Founder

Yumi has been featured in Architectural Digest As a Leading Designer of Seattle.

After earning her Interior Design degree from the New York School of Interior Design, Yumi worked for NYC based Commercial Interior Architecture firm, JGArchitects PLLC as an Interior Designer. She has also worked at the New Jersey based high end residential design firm, The Kitchen Design Company.  She has a professional accreditation, LEED AP, from US Green Building Council (USGBC).  Prior to her career as an Interior Designer, Yumi worked for more than 10 years as a Project Manager/Business Analyst for Financial and Consulting firms throughout NYC. She has a Financial Risk Manager certificate from GARP. She received her Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems (MBA) from Texas Tech University.

Yumi currently serve as an Advisory Board Member of Design Thinking Program at Bellevue Collage Tombolo Institute.  People find her funny without her trying to be funny!  She also enjoys fusing glass art and is a certified yoga teacher.   Her yoga photos are posted in her Instagram account @yumiKyoga.  Click here to see her glass work.


Radu Corciu, Licensed General Contractor

Radu has over 15 years of experience in construction – starting when he was 16.  He was a painter for 7 years in Austria, then moved on to tile installation.  He later grew into a general contractor role as he gained knowledge in all aspects of construction.  Radu loves to remain ‘hands on’ and installs tiles, paint, frame, and performs everything needed at the site.  His work philosophy is to not cut corners and to communicate clearly to provide the best finished outcome for his client.  His military service in Austria at age of 19 taught him to be disciplined and punctual.  Radu also has a bachelor degree in theology.  When he is not at the project site, he loves to spend time with his six children and wife.  He also enjoys exercise and playing chess.


Daniel Carr, Business Development

Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in Finance and Technology.  He is also a classical music composer. Please click here to listen to his music.