Questions that Interior designer will ask when designing your kitchen

Bellevue Interior Designer - Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel is an expensive project.  We want to make your kitchen functional, curated, and reflection of YOU.  These questions may be helpful to consider when starting your kitchen remodel. Contact us for more.

Why did you decide or consider the kitchen remodel? – things you do not like and you like about existing kitchen.

Any layout you do not like? Any color you do not like? Functionally not working for your life style? This will set a clear goal for us for your kitchen remodel.  As much as we like to know what you “like” but also important to understand things you do not like as well.

Budget?  Things you can or cannot live without?

We typically have discussed general budget at the first discovery session.  Prioritizing what you need to have is helpful for budgeting, scope defining and floor plan development phases.

What is your dream kitchen? Think big without any restriction of space or budget!

We may express what you think we can afford instead of what you really want by limiting ourselves subconsciously.  I want to take that barrier out from your thinking.  While it is true that you may not be able to include,  this is extremely effective exercise to understand you.

Are you open to taking down walls or expanding a house?

During space planning/floor plan development phases, I will provide different options.  There may be the situation we may need to borrow some space from other rooms.  Or we may need to consider expanding a house for ideal result.

How many people use the kitchen and age?  Who is chef (s)?  Eating schedule? Cooking style?

If two or more people tend to use kitchen, you may want to add wall oven or 2nd sink to avoid traffic.  Asian cooking may need rice cooker.  If you bake a lot, second oven may need.

Do you entertain often? Large formal dinner table or room is needed?

Open concept kitchen with dining area is getting more common.  Large island is most requested item in the kitchen.  However, some family needs formal dining room for family gathering.   The integration with outdoor space and kitchen is wonderful for entertaining!

Appliance, plumbing fixtures, any outlets for small appliances requirement?

Based on your what you want, lifestyle, functional requirements, we will discover together these requirements as we move along the process.

Sizes, number, and types of appliances and electronics – wall oven, wine cooler, coffee maker, beverage refrigerator, microwave, additional freezer, warming drawer, induction or gas range/cooktop/range top, TV monitor, range hood size and power (you need make-up-air if range hood is more than 400CFM in WA)

Size and type of plumbing fixtures – number of sinks and sizes, pot filler, water purifier, instant hot, size and type of sinks and more.

Storage and display requirement?

We encourage client to catalog what you have.  Special shaped pots and pans, cooking books, dog food, rice cooker, cake molds baking pans, toaster, juicer, cake mixer, or any other small appliances? Any collections of items you wish to display?

Any pictures of kitchen you like and you do not like

In design phase, designer will generate a mood board to discuss what you like and you do not like for design aesthetics.  As much as I love omakase (leave it to chef (I can generally identify people’s style when I meet them.  I have six sense :)) it is always helpful to have some inputs from you.  Some of our works are posted in Houzz, Pinterest, and IG.

During the remodel, do you stay in the house or plan to move out? You need to pack things away.

If you plan to stay during the remodel, we can discuss how we can minimize the interruption to your daily life.

When do you need the remodel to be completed by? Any hard deadline?

If there is a hard deadline such as your family visit, or temporary housing arrangement situation, we would like to know and schedule work accordingly.