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Home Maintenance List

Owning a home requires effort. Properly understanding and planning maintenance tasks can help you avoid future repair costs and improve your quality of life. Here are some considerations. Please Refer to your manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. It may be helpful to ask contractors and subcontractors how to perform these tasks or if they offer maintenance services after completing the remodel or construction.

HVAC System

•  Check and replace air filters regularly.

•  Schedule annual inspections and tune-ups.

Water Heater System

•  Some water heater systems require filter replacement and periodic flushing to remove sediment.

Plumbing System and Appliances

•  Periodically, check for signs of leaks in the drainage pipes under the sink, at the base of the toilet, under the dishwasher washer and the refrigerator, and at the hose bibs.

•  Check if icemaker is functioning properly and replace water filter as recommended by manufacturer.

•  To prevent mold, regularly run a clean cycle on your washer.  If possible, leave the washer door and detergent compartment open after each wash to allow them to dry.  Please follow your washer’s manufacturer guideline for maintenance and cleaning instruction.

• Clean the lint filter after each use, and perform a deep clean as needed.  Additional dryer maintenance tips are recommended by

•  Clean all appliances regularly and inspect any sign of damage.

HVAC Duct and Other Ventilation

•  Duct cleaning can be scheduled every couple of years or as needed, depending on your sensitivity to air quality.

•  Clean range hood filter, bathroom ceiling fan cover regularly.

Roof and Gutters

•  Periodic roof cleaning and moss prevention are a must, especially in the Northwest. Additionally, you may request a roofing company to examine the condition of your roof and skylight area.

•  Gutter and gutter spout cleaning must be performed regularly, depending on your environment such as the presence of trees. The gutter system condition should be evaluated at the same time.


•  The fireplace glass typically needs to be cleaned with an ammonia-free cleaner. Schedule annual inspections by a professional to check for any damage or issues that may need repair. If your fireplace is equipped with a battery for power outages, replace it as needed.

Exterior of House

• Inspect paint and siding ,calking around windows and door condition of exterior of house.

• Clean windows and screens.

• Regularly clean deck, patio, walkways and driveways.

Pest Control

• Schedule regular pest control and rat bait box as recommended by specialist.


•  Regularly maintain your landscaping and ensure no trees are touching the house, as this can make it susceptible to pests and water damage.


•  Remove any water hose from hose bibs.

• Drain and blow out any water from your sprinkler system to avoid damage from frozen pipes as needed.

• Schedule required annual backflow testing by authorized specialists.

Water Shut off and Gas shut off

• In case of an emergency, know the locations of your gas and water shut-offs.


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